en cours #2

Projets en cours:

Titre du projet : Ethical, economic, legal and social (EELS) issues in transplantation. Core 1 of Canadian National Transplant Research Program Core 1 provides EELS support to all project teams, and investigates the relevance of existing legislation and ethical norms to developing and implementing new donation incentives and procurement initiatives. In addition to providing EELS support to the entire research team, Core 1 investigates the relevance of existing legal frameworks and ethical norms, public perceptions/representations in relation to several issues central to public support or fears about donation, and the development and implementation of novel incentives and procurement initiatives.

Theme Leader : Timothy Caulfield; Co-Leads: Jennifer Chandler and Scott Klarenbach; Sub-Project Investigators : Michael Campbell, Linda Wright, Amy Zarzeczny and Marie-Chantal Fortin et al.

The Canadian National Transplant Research Program (CNTRP) is a national research network that will help Canadians waiting for transplants and extend the lives of those who have already received one. The CNTRP, announced at the end of April 2013, develops new knowledge and health care practices to address barriers to tissue and organ donation and aims to increase the availability of transplants for Canadians in need. The Program is led by Dr. Lori West, CNTRP Director at the University of Alberta, and Dr. Marie-Josée Hébert, CNTRP Co-Director at the University of Montreal. The CNTRP is a coalition of 116 investigators and 72 collaborators at 21 centres and universities spanning 9 provinces. The CNTRP is currently composed of 6 research projects and 3 core platforms representing all 4 CIHR health research themes. http://www.cntrp.ca/

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